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A Place Called Winter – Patrick Gale – Foyles Event – March 2015
Isle of Wight Literary Festival – October 2015
Headline #NewVoices2018 and Waterstones Piccadilly ‘The Pyschological Thriller – January 2018


25 Random Things About Me

Welcome to my new blog (June 2016)

4th Blogiversary Giveaway (September 2017)



Jeff Abbott(Review) Downfall 

Rachel Abbott Guest Post: Fantasy Literary Dinner Party (Kill Me Again)

Rachel Abbott (Review)   Kill Me Again 

Rachel AbbottGuest Post: Creating Characters – Character Profile (Natalie)  (The Sixth Window)

Rachel Abbott(Review) Come a Little Closer (DCI Tom Douglas #7) (& Giveaway)

Aimee Alexander –  Guest Post: ‘Should Readers Contact Authors’

Aimee Alexander(Review) The Accidental Life of Greg Millar

Keir Alexander(Review) The Ruby Slippers

Anne Allen (Review) Finding Mother 

Anne Allen  Guest Post: “My heart belongs to…”

Anne AllenGuest Post: ‘The Betrayal’ (The Guernsey Novels #6)

Catherine Alliott(Review) My husband next door

Rachel AmphlettGuest Post ‘Everybody has a Motive’ (Scared to Death)

Rachel AmphlettBlog Tour Guest Post (One to Watch)

Kate Anthony(Review) Beautiful Day 

Sarah Armstrong – Guest Post: The Importance of Place (The Devil in the Snow)

Lisa Appignanesi  Paris Requiem – Guest Review by Penny Waugh

Anna-Maria AthanasiouExtract – La Casa d’Italia For Starters 

Dani Atkins (Review) Our Song 



‘Before the Blog’ Reviews (1)
‘Before the Blog’ Reviews (2)
‘Before the Blog’ Reviews (3)

Valerie-Anne Baglietto(Review) The Little Book of Lost Hearts

Melissa Bailey Beyond the Sea (Q&A & review)

Tom Bale – (Review) See how They Run

Linwood Barclay – (Review) Never saw it coming

Linwood Barclay(Review) Trust Your Eyes (Before the Blog)

Linwood Barclay – (Review) No Safe House

Emily Barr – (Review) Stranded (Before the Blog)

Bernice Barrington(Review) Sisters and Lies

Jo Bartlett – (Review) Among a Thousand Stars: Author Q&A and Review

Fiona Barton(Review)The Child

Belinda Bauer – (Review) The Facts of Life and Death

M C Beaton – (Review) Something Borrowed, Someone Dead (Agatha Raisin)

Hannah Beckerman(Review) The Dead Wife’s Handbook

Hannah Beckerman Q&A

Simon Beckett(Review) The Restless Dead (David Hunter #5)

Louise Beech – (Review) How To Be Brave  

Louise Beech(Review) The Mountain in My Shoe

Louise Beech (Review) & Guest Post: Maria in the Moon

Anne Berry – (Review) The Adoption

Stella Hervey Birrell Guest Post: ‘On Weddings and Being Sure’

Kate BlackadderGuest Post: Christmas Comes But One – or Twice – a Year

Jenny Blackhurst – (Review) How I Lost You

Jenny BlackhurstBefore I Let You In  (Character Profile & Review)

Isobel Blackthorn Guest Post: ‘Writing is No Escape’

Angelena BodenGuest Post (The Future Can’t Wait)

Jo Bloom – (Review) Ridley Road

Sharon Bolton – (Review) A Dark and Twisted Tide 

S J Bolton – (Review) Like This, For Ever (Lacey Flint #3)  (Before the Blog)

Sharon Bolton – (Review) Little Black Lies

Rebecca Bradley Guest Post: Why I Chose Poison as a Mode of Murder

Rebecca BradleyGuest Post: The differences between writing a novel and a novella

Rebecca BradleyQ&A (Fighting Monsters)

Rita Brassington Guest Post: ‘The Power of the Star Rating’

Carys Brays The Museum of You (Extract & Guest Post) 

Su BristowGuest Post: Names in Sealskin

Su Bristow(Review) Sealskin

Su BristowSealskin giveaway plus launch pictures

Steph Broadribb(Review) Deep Blue Trouble

Alison BrodieZenka (Extract)

Vivien BrownQ&A (Lily Alone)

Sheryl Browne – (Review) Somebody to Love 

Sheryl Browne The Rest of My Life (Giveaway) 

Sheryl BrowneExcerpt from After She’s Gone (DI Matthew Adams Thriller Book #1)

Susan Buchanan – (Review) The Christmas Spirit

Tracy Buchanan – (Review) The Atlas of Us

Tracy Buchanan – (Review & Q&A) Her Last Breath

Alexandra BurtGuest Post: So I wanted to be a Writer (The Good Daughter)

Stephanie Butland The Other Half of My Heart – Cover Reveal and Guest Post

Stephanie ButlandGuest Post: ‘The Ignorance of the Writer’

Stephanie Butland(Review) The Other Half of My Heart

Stephanie ButlandCover Reveal: Lost For Words

Stephanie Butland(Review) Lost for Words

Sarah Butler Ten things I’ve learnt about love

Book Break – Episode 6 : Friday 4 July 2014 



Jane Cable – (Review) The Cheesemaker’s House 

Jane CableQ&A

Jane CableGuest Post: ‘So What Exactly is a Faerie Tree’

Jane Cable(Review) The Faerie Tree 

Jane CableGuest Post: ‘Studland’s Literary Past’ (Another You)

Colette Caddle(Review) First We Take Manhattan 

Fiona CaneGuest Post: ‘The Story Behind the Other Side of the Mountain’

Clare CarsonGuest Post: ‘How Alice in Wonderland Inspired My Writing’

Elizabeth CarpenterGuest Post: The Books That Have Helped Me Write’ (99 Red Balloons)

Neven CarrGuest Post: The Importance of the Word ‘Blah’ (Forgotten)

Sam CarringtonGuest Post: ‘The Importance of Setting’ (Saving Sophie)

Sam CarringtonGuest Post: ‘My Favourite Books’ (Bad Sister)

Donato Carrisi(Review) The Hunter of the Dark

Claudia Carroll – Meet Me In Manhattan (Cover Reveal) 

Jane Casey – (Review) The Kill (Maeve Kerrigan #5) 

Diane Chamberlain(Review) Necessary Lies

Diane Chamberlain – (Review) The Good Father  (Before the Blog)

Diane ChamberlainGuest Post: ‘The Juiciest Part of a Story’

Julia ChapmanDate With Death (Dales Detective #1) – Extract

L K ChapmanCharacter Interview and Extract (The Stories She Tells)

Angela Clarke Follow Me (Cover Reveal) 

Angela Clarke – (Review) Follow Me

Angela Clarke(Review) Watch Me

Angela ClarkeGuest Post: How to use Social Media to become a Bestselling Author – A Tongue in Cheek Guide! (Watch Me)

Lucy Clarke – (Review) A Single Breath 

Julie Cohen – (Review) Dear Thing

Tamar Cohen – (Review) The War of the Wives 

Tamar Cohen – (Review) The Broken

Tammy Cohen – (Review) Dying for Christmas 

Tammy Cohen – (Review) When She Was Bad 

Colleen ColemanDon’t Stop Me Now (Blog tour extract)

Rowan Coleman – (Review) Dearest Rose

Rowan Coleman – (Review) The Memory Book 

Rowan Coleman(Review) We Are All Made of Stars  

Olive CollinsGuest Post: ‘Why, Oh Why Historical Fiction?’ (The Tide Between Us)

C J CookeGiveaway – I Know My Name

H V CoombsCover Reveal: A Taste of Death (The Old Forge Café Book 1)

H V CoombsBlog tour Extract: A Taste of Death (The Old Forge Café Book 1)

Barbara Copperthwaite – (Review) Her Last Secret

Vena CorkGuest Post

Jane Corry Guest Post: ‘Tips and Habits of a Writer’

Jane Corry – (Review) Blood Sisters

Matthew Costello & Neil Richards(Review) Cherringham – Cosy Crime Series

Oscar Coop-Phane – (Review) Zenith Hotel

Carol Cooper – (Review) One Night at the Jacaranda

Carol CooperQ&A

Carol CooperGuest Post: ‘A Leap from Fact to Fiction’

J A CorriganQ&A

Julia Crouch – (Review) Tarnished 

Robert Crouch(Review) No Bodies (The Kent Fisher Mysteries Book #2) 

Sinéad Crowley – (Review) Can anybody help me?

F J CurlewGuest Post: ‘The Making of To Retribution’

F J Curlew(Review)Dan Knew

Emma Curtis(Review) One Little Mistake



Paula Daly – (Review) Just What Kind of Mother Are You?

Paula Daly – (Review) Keep Your Friends Close 

Paula Daly – (Review) The Mistake I Made

Paula Daly(Review) The Trophy Child

Emma Davies – (Review) Merry Mistletoe 

Michelle DaviesGuest Post: The Real Life Case at the Heart of My Novel (Gone Astray)

Michelle Davies(Review) Gone Astray

Katerina Diamond The Teacher (Excerpt)

Katerina DiamondThe Angel (Extract)

Lucy Diamond – (Review) One Night in Italy

Lucy DiamondGuest Post (On a Beautiful Day)

Miranda Dickinson(Review) A Parcel for Anna Browne

Vanessa Diffenbaugh – (Review) The Language of Flowers (Before the Blog)

Lucy Dillon(Review) A Hundred Pieces of Me

Eva Dolan – (Review) After You Die (Zigic & Ferreira #3)

Louise Douglas – (Review) The Secret by The Lake

Lesley DownerGuest Post: My Haunted Home in Japan (The Shogun’s Queen)

Steven Dunne  (Review) Deity (Before the Blog)

Steven Dunne(Review) A Killing Moon 

Sabine Durrant – (Review) Remember Me This Way



Stephanie Elmas – (Review) The Room Beyond 

Stephanie Elmas(Review) Illusion

Nuala Ellwood(Review) My Sister’s Bones

Jennie EnsorBlind Side | Signed Paperback Giveaway

Ann EvansGuest Post: ‘The Things Kids Say’ (Kill or Die)

Harriet Evans – (Review) Not Without You

Harriet Evans – (Review) A Place for Us

Chris Ewan Guest Post: ‘Eight Fascinating Facts about the Isle of Man’

Chris Ewan – (Review) Dark Tides 



Lyn G FarrellQ&A

Phill FeatherstoneGuest Post: ‘Paradise Girl’

Liz Fenwick – (Review) A Cornish Affair 

Helene FermontExtract – His Guilty Secret & Giveaway

Helen FieldsCover Reveal: Perfect Remains 

Helen FieldsPerfect Death (Extract)

Rosie Fiore Guest Post: ‘Why Would a Woman Walk Away from Her Family’ (What She Left)

Nicole FittonGuest Post – Forbidden Colours

Nathan Filer – (Review) The Shock of the Fall

Amanda FleetGuest Post: Eight Things You Might Not Have Know About Amanda Fleet Until Now (Lies That Poison)

Elizabeth Forbes – (Review) Who Are You?

Jamie Ford – (Review) Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet (Before the Blog)

Melissa Foster(Review) Where Petals Fall 

Christopher Fowler Q&A

Christopher Fowler – (Review) Bryant & May: The Burning Man

Michael FowlerCharacter Profile and Extract (You’re Next)

Sarah FranklinCover Reveal: Shelter

Caz FrearQ&A (Sweet Little Lies)

Kate FrostGuest Post: ‘From Bump to Book’ (Beneath the Apple Blossom)

Claire Fuller – (Review) Our Endless Numbered Days 

Kate Furnivall Guest Post: ‘What drew me to write about Italy?’


Patrick Gale – (Review) A Place Called Winter

Hazel Gaynor – (Review) The Girl who Came Home

Hazel Gaynor – (Review) A Memory of Violets

Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb  (Review)Last Christmas in Paris

Linda GillardGuest Post: ‘The book that wants to be written’

Melissa Ginsburg Guest Post: ‘Who are Charlotte and Danielle?’  (Sunset City)

Merryn GloverGuest Post: ‘The World in My Kitchen’ (A House Called Askival)

Michele Gorman (aka Lilly Bartlett)Christmas Cookie Giveaway (Christmas at the Falling Down Guesthouse)

Linda Green – (Review) While My Eyes Were Closed

Vanessa Greene – (Review) The Seafront Tea Rooms

Vanessa Greene Q&A 

Iona Grey Guest Post: ‘Writing Dual Time Frame Novels’

Nicola Griffith Guest Post: – ’10 things about Hild, the woman’

Tara Guha – Guest Post: ‘Double Exposure’


Helena Halme – (Review) The Englishman

Emylia HallGuest Post ‘The Food of My Novel’ (The Thousand Lights Hotel)

Lisa HallTell Me No Lies: Guest Post & Review 

Lisa HallTell Me No Lies – Signed copy giveaway

Seré Prince Halverson – (Review) The Underside of Joy (Before the Blog)

Kate Hamer – (Review) The Girl in the Red Coat 

Kate Hamer(Review) The Doll Funeral

Paul E. Hardisty – (Review) The Abrupt Physics of Dying

Paul E. Hardisty – (Review) The Evolution of Fear 

Ella HarperQ&A (If I Fall)

Carmel Harrington Guest Post: ‘My Favourite Childhood Christmas Memory’

Carmel Harrington – (Review) Every Time a Bell Rings

A S A Harrison – (Review) The Silent Wife 

J C HarrowayGuest Post: ‘Writing Good Sex’ (Dare: A Week To Be Wild)

Lisa HartleyGuest Post ‘How to Plot a Thriller’ (Ask No Questions)

Paula Hawkins(Review) The Girl on the Train 

L V Hay(Review) The Other Twin

Antonia Hayes(Review) Relativity

Julia Heaberlin – (Review) Black Eyed Susans

Veronica Henry –  (Review) How to Find Love in a Bookshop

Sally Hepworth – (Review) The Secrets of Midwives 

Amanda HickieQ&A (Before This is Over)

Sarah Hilary – (Review) Someone else’s skin 

Sarah Hilary – (Review) No Other Darkness

Sarah Hilary No Other Darkness – Blog Tour & Giveaway

Sarah Hilary – (Review) Tastes Like Fear

Sarah Hilary(Review) Quieter than Killing

Sarah HilaryGuest Post: ‘Top Five Books’ (Quieter Than Killing)

Jeremy HinchliffGuest Post: ‘A Trip to Ancient Messini’

Victoria Hislop – (Review) The Sunrise

Jilliane Hoffman(Review) All the Little Pieces

Faith Hogan Guest Post: ‘A Peculiar Route to Take’ 

Faith HoganGuest Post: Second Book Syndrome?

Faith Hogan(Review) The Secrets We Keep

Faith HoganGuest Post: ‘The Second Lives Club’ (The Girl I Used to Know)

Wendy Holden Born Survivors – Q&A 

Jane HollandGuest Post ‘The Colour of Thrillers’ (Forget Her Name)

S J I Holliday Black Wood: Guest Post & Review 

Gail Honeyman(Review) Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Anna Hope – (Review) Wake

Rachel Hore – (Review) The Silent Tide 

Jorn Lier Horst Ordeal guest review by Rachel Hall

Julie Houston(Review) Goodness, Grace and Me  

Julie HoustonAn Off-Piste Christmas (Review & Christmas Q&A)

Catherine Ryan Howard – (Review) Distress Signals

Cara HunterGuest Post: ‘#FindDaisy – Social Media in Close to Home (Close to Home)

Cara Hunter – (Review) Close to Home

K S HunterGuest Post (Just One Time)



Jane Isaac – (Review) An Unfamiliar Murder 

Jane Isaac(Review)  Beneath the Ashes



Corrie JacksonGuest Post: ‘Where I Write’ (The Perfect Victim)

David Jackson(Review) A Tapping at My Door

Amanda JamesQ&A (Behind the Lie)

Caroline JamesGuest Post: “Which 6 celebrities would you want to be in a jungle reality TV show and why?” (Jungle Rock)

Daisy James Q&A

Erica James – (Review) Summer at the Lake

Erica James(Review) The Dandelion Years 

Erica James – (Review) Tell it to the Skies

Erica James – (Review) Song of the Skylark 

Erica James(Review) Coming Home to Island House

Anna Jaquiery Guest Post: ‘A Sense of Belonging’

Olly JarvisGuest Post: Writer’s Block (Unconvicted)

Sarah Jasmon The Summer of Secrets: Guest Post

Dinah Jefferies – (Review) The Separation

Dinah Jefferies – (Review) The Tea Planter’s Wife

Dinah Jefferies (Review) The Silk Merchant’s Daughter

Dinah Jefferies – Extract and Giveaway, The Tea Planter’s Wife

Pam Jenoff – (Review) The Ambassador’s Daughter

Lisa Jewell – (Review) The House We Grew Up In  (Before the Blog)

Lisa Jewell – (Review) The Third Wife 

Lisa Jewell – (Review) Before I Met You (Before the Blog)

Lisa Jewell(Review) The Girls 

Lisa Jewell Guest Post  – for ‘I Found You’ blog tour

Jane JohnsonThe Court of Lions (Extract)

Milly Johnson – (Review) It’s raining men   

Milly Johnson(Review) The Teashop on the Corner 

Milly Johnson – (Review) Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Cafe

Matt JohnsonGuest Post: ‘Modern Slavery, Closer Than You Think’ (Deadly Game)

Sophie Jonas-HillGuest Post: Character Short Story (Nemesister)

Ragnar Jonasson – (Review) Nightblind 

Peter JonesQ&A  (My Girlfriend’s Perfect Ex-Boyfriend)

Jack Jordan Anything for Her  (blog tour extract)



Annabel KantariaGuest Post (The One That Got Away)

Karen KaoThe Dancing Girl and the Turtle (Shanghai Quartet 1) – Extract

Emma Kavanagh(Review) Falling  

Emma Kavanagh – (Review) Hidden 

Sanjida Kay(Review) The Stolen Child

Lesley Kelly A Fine House in Trinity Guest Review by Rachel Hall

Claire Kendal – (Review) The Book of You

Simon Kernick – (Review) Stay Alive

Simon Kernick – (Review) Siege  (Before the Blog)

Kate KerriganGuest Post: ‘Little Bursts of Happiness’

Kate Kerrigan – (Review) The Dress

Kate KerriganGuest Post (That Girl)

Claire King – (Review) The Night Rainbow

Judith KinghornThe Snow Globe (Extract)

J F Kirwan66 Metres (Extract)

Renée Knight(Review) Disclaimer

Renée Knight Q&A 

Dorothy Koomson(Review) The Friend


Alex Lake(Review) Killing Kate

Jane LambertGuest Post: ‘From Inspiration to Publication’ and Extract (The Start of Something Wonderful)

Harriet Lane – (Review) Alys, Always (Before the Blog)

Deborah Lawrenson Guest Post: ‘A Sense of Place’ 

T J LebbonThe Family Man (Blog Tour Extract)

Simon Lelic(Review) The House

Luana Lewis – (Review) Forget Me Not 

Susan Lewis(Review) The Truth about You

Laura Lippman – (Review) The Girl in the Green Raincoat (a Tess Monaghan Mystery)

Elizabeth Little – (Review) Dear Daughter 

Amy LloydGuest Post: Advice for Aspiring Writers (The Innocent Wife)

T M LoganGuest Post: 15 Weirdest Stories I Wrote as a Science Reporter at the Daily Mail

T M Logan(Review) Lies

K L LoveleyGuest Post: ‘Publication Day’ (Alice)

K L LoveleyGuest Post: How I Researched My Novel (Lies, Secrets and Absolution)

Katey Lovell –  Guest Post (Nov 2015)

Katey Lovell   Guest Post: Moving House (The Boy with the Boxes) (April 2016)

Katey Lovell Guest Post: Weddings (The Boy and the Bridesmaid) (June 2016)

Rachael Lucas – (Review) Coming up Roses

Rachael Lucas(Review) Wildflower Bay

S E Lynes(Review) Slow Roast Pork (short story contained in Dark Minds collection)

Jane LythellBehind Her Back (Storyworld #2) (Extract)



Grace Macdonald Guest Post: ‘Recreating the Past from the Present’

Grace Macdonald – (Review) The Ruby Ring

Clare Mackintosh – (Review) I Let You Go

Clare Mackintosh – (Review) I See You

Gilly Macmillan – (Review) Burnt Paper Sky

Camilla Macpherson(Review) Pictures at an Exhibition (Before the Blog)

Richard Madeley – (Review) Some Day I’ll Find You

Richard Madeley – (Review) The Way You Look Tonight

Beverly MagidGuest Post: ‘Writing Inspiration’ (Where Do I Go)

Cesca Major – (Review) The Silent Hours

Rachel Malik(Review) Miss Boston and Miss Hargreaves

Rachel MalikGuest Post: Black Sheep, White Sheep’ (Miss Boston and Miss Hargreaves)

Michael J Malone(Review) A Suitable Lie

Michael J Malone(Review)House of Spines

Jill Mansell – (Review) Don’t want to miss a thing

Jill Mansell – (Review) The Unpredictable Consequences of Love

Jill Mansell Guest Post – ‘My Top 5 Beach Reads‘ 

Jill Mansell – (Review) Three Amazing Things About You

Jill Mansell – (Review) You and Me, Always

Louise MarleyGuest Post: ‘Creating an Unlikeable Heroine’

John Marrs Guest Post: ‘Rejection’

Milana MarsenichGuest Post ‘Copper Sky’ (Copper Sky)

Angela Marsons – (Review) Silent Scream (DI Kim Stone #1) 

Graham MastertonGuest Post: The Coven (Beatrice Scarlet #2)

Hemmie Martin Q&A

Holly Martin(Review) Christmas at Lilac Cottage

Alex Marwood – (Review) The Killer Next Door

Rebecca Mascull(Review) The Visitors

Rebecca Mascull  Q&A

Rebecca Mascull(Review) Song of the Sea Maid

Carole Matthews – (Review) A Place to Call Home

Carole Matthews – (Review) The Christmas Party

Gillian McAllister(Review) Anything You Do Say

Colette McBeth – (Review) The Life I Left Behind

Colette McBeth(Review) An Act of Silence

Colette McCormickGuest Post: ‘The Long Apprenticeship’

Claire McGowan – (Review) The Dead Ground

Cressida McLaughlin – (Review) A Christmas Tail 

Andrée A MichaudBoundary (blog tour extract)

Louise Millar Guest Post: ‘Where I Write’ 

Louise Millar(Review) The Hidden Girl 

Beth Miller Guest Post: ‘You say potato, I say potahto

Beth Miller – (Review) The Good Neighbour

G J MinettGuest Post: ‘Five Crime Writers Well Worth Reading’ (Anything For Her)

J S MonroeFind Me (Extract)

Sue Moorcroft Cover Reveal: The Christmas Promise

Sue Moorcroft(Review) The Christmas Promise

Sue MoorcroftCover Reveal: Just For The Holidays

Sue MoorcroftGuest Post: ‘A Holiday in France with Added Challenges’ 

Sue Moorcroft(Review) Just For the Holidays

Sue MoorcroftThe Little Village Christmas (Extract)

Sue Moorcroft (Review) The Little Village Christmas

Beth Moran Guest Post: ‘Time to Read’ 

Beth Moran – (Review) I Hope You Dance 

Liane Moriarty – (Review) The Husband’s Secret

Liane Moriarty – (Review) Little Lies

Sinead Moriarty – (Review) This child of mine

Sinead Moriarty The Way We Were (Extract)

J B Morrison – (Review) The Extra Ordinary Life of Frank Derrick, Age 81 

Faith MortimerGuest Post (Paradise Prison)

Kate Morton – (Review) The Secret Keeper 

Jenny Morton PottsGuest Post: Dark Deeds? What Kind of Person Writes Psychological Thrillers? and Why? (Hiding)

Steve Mosby(Review) I Know Who Did It

Jojo Moyes – (Review) The one plus one

Jojo Moyes – (Review) The Girl You Left Behind (Before the Blog)

Jojo Moyes(Review) After You (and Me Before You) 

Lizzie MumfreyGuest Post (Fall Out)

Peter Murphy(Review) Walden of Bermondsey

Kate Murray-BrowneQ&A (The Upstairs Room)



James NallyGuest Post: ‘The Rise of the E Gangster’ (Games with the Dead)

Charity Norman(Review) The Son in Law

Barney NorrisQ&A (Turning for Home)

Sara Novic – (Review) Girl at War 

Liz Nugent – (Review) Unravelling Oliver 

Liz Nugent ‘Meet Oliver’ – (Unravelling Oliver Blog Tour)

Liz Nugent(Review) Lying in Wait 

Liz NugentLying in Wait (blog tour post & giveaway)


Deborah O’Connor –  Guest Post: ‘How to Freak Out Your Husband’

Deborah O’Connor(Review) My Husband’s Son

Maggie O’Farrell – (Review) This Must be the Place

Sheila O’FlanaganGuest Post: ‘Sheila O’Flanagan’s top 3 Memories of 20 Novels’ for 20th Anniversary Blog Tour (My Mother’s Secret)

Ann O’LoughlinGuest Post: ‘My Journey to Publication’ (The Ludlow Ladies’ Society)

Ann O’Loughlin (Review) The Ludlow Ladies’ Society

Louise O’Neill – (Review) Asking For It 

Hollie Overton – (Review) Baby Doll



Cassandra Parkin (Review) The Winter’s Child

B A Paris – (Review) Behind Closed Doors

B A Paris(Review) The Breakdown

Adele Parks – (Review) Spare Brides

Vicky Pattison – (Review) All That Glitters

Gill Paul No Place for a Lady –  (Extract for blog tour)

Gill Paul – (Review) No Place for a Lady 

Gill Paul – The Secret Wife – (Cover Reveal)

Gill PaulGuest Post: ‘Romanov Conspiracy Theories’

Gill Paul(Review) The Secret Wife 

Gill PaulGuest Post: ‘My Love Affair with Vintage’ (Another Woman’s Husband)

Gill Paul(Review) Another Woman’s Husband

Lesley Pearse(Review) The Promise (Belle #2) (Before the Blog)

Lesley Pearse(Review) The Woman in the Wood

Clare Pedrick Guest post: ‘Chickens Eat Pasta’

Clare Pedrick – (Review) Chickens Eat Pasta:Escape to Umbria

Wendy Percival – (Review) Blood-Tied 

Wendy Percival – (Review) The Indelible Stain

Wendy Percival(Review) Death of a Cuckoo (an Esme Quentin short read)

Liza Perrat(Review) Wolfsangel 

Liza PerratExtract and Giveaway for The Silent Kookaburra

Tasmina Perry – (Review) The Proposal

Tasmina Perry – (Review) The Last Kiss Goodbye  

Tasmina Perry Guest Post: ‘A Romantics Guide to The Last Kiss Goodbye Locations’

Tasmina PerryGuest Post (Q&A) ‘Five Minutes with Tasmina Perry’ 

Jodi Picoult(Review) Lone Wolf (Before the Blog)

Jodi Picoult – (Review) The Storyteller (Before the Blog)

Sarah Pinborough(Review) Behind Her Eyes

Rebecca Powell Guest Post: ‘Brazil, the real star of The Brazilian Husband’

Rebecca Pugh Return to Bluebell Hill – Cover Reveal

Rebecca Pugh – (Review) Return to Bluebell Hill





Joanna Rakoff – (Review) My Salinger Year 

Emma Raveling Breaking Measures: Excerpt & Giveaway

Tanya RavenswaterGuest Post: Five Writing Commandments I Live By

Cheryl Rees-Price Guest Post: The Crime Scene

Louisa Reid(Review) Black Heart Blue (Before the Blog)

Madeleine Reiss – (Review) Someone to watch over me

Amanda ReynoldsClose to Me (Blog tour extract)

Rachel Rhys(Review) A Dangerous Crossing

Lucinda Riley – (Review) The Girl on the Cliff (Before the Blog)

Lucinda Riley – (Review) Hothouse Flower  (Before the Blog)

Kate Riordan – (Review) The Girl in the Photograph

Lucy Robinson – (Review) The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me

Amanda RobsonCover Reveal: Obsession

Amanda RobsonGuest Post: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Jenni (Obsession)

Amanda Robson(Review) Obsession

Jennifer Robson(Review) Somewhere in France

Domenica de Rosa(Review) One Summer in Tuscany

Leigh Russell – (Review) Fatal Act (DI Geraldine Steel #6)  

Jan Ruth(Review) Away for Christmas (a novella)

Catherine Ryan Hyde – (Review) When You Were Older  (Before the Blog)

Jess Ryder(Review) Lie to Me



Rachel SargeantGuest Post: ‘How I Got Published’ (The Perfect Neighbours)

J A SchneiderGuest Post: Procastinate Much? 

Holly SeddonCover Reveal and Excerpt (Don’t Close Your Eyes)

Tina Seskis – (Review) One Step Too Far

Tina Seskis – (Review) A Serpentine Affair

Nikola Scott(Review) My Mother’s Shadow (and Giveaway)

Julie Shaw – (Review) Our Vinnie

Curtis Sittenfeld(Review) Eligible 

Nicola SladeGuest Post: ‘Digging Deep and Finding Treasure’ (The House at Ladywell)

Jo Spain(Review) The Confession

Cath Staincliffe(Blog tour extract & Review) Half the World Away 

Jason Starr(Review) Savage Lane 

B A SteadmanGuest Post: ‘The Power of a Good Mull’

Sarah Stovell(Review) Exquisite

Jacqueline Susann Valley of the Dolls – 50th Anniversary 

Karen Swan Guest Post: ‘Why I Love Cornwall’ (Summer at Tiffany’s 

Clare Swatman (Review) Before You Go

Clare SwatmanGuest Post: ‘My Fairytale came True’ (Before You Go)

Clare Swatman(Review) The Mother’s Secret



Taking a Blog Break

Leslie TateHeaven’s Rage – Guest Post & Extract

C L Taylor – (Review) The Accident

C L Taylor – (Review) The Lie

C L Taylor – (Review) The Missing

C L Taylor(Review) The Escape

Laura Tait & Jimmy Rice – (Review) The Best Thing that Never Happened to Me

Annie Thomas – (Review) A Woman’s Choice

Annabelle ThorpeGuest Post: The Attraction of the Non-Happy Ending (The People We Were Before)

Sarah Tierney Guest Post: ‘The Book Purge’ (Making Space)

Sophia Tobin – (Review) The Silversmith’s Wife

Mary TorjussenQ&A (Gone Without a Trace)

S K Tremayne – (Review) The Ice Twins

S K Tremayne(Review) The Fire Child 

Liz TrenowGuest Post: The Silk Weaver

Liz TrenowExtract and Giveaway (In Love and War)

Ann Troup – (Review) The Silent Girls

Antti TuomainenGuest Post: ‘Balsam Lake Writers’ Retreat’ (The Man Who Died)



Beth Underdown – (Review) The Witchfinder’s Sister


Various Fall of Poppies : Stories of Love and the Great War – Cover Reveal 

Sarah Vaughan(Review) Anatomy of a Scandal

Barbara Venkataraman  –  Guest Post: ‘Nothing to Sneeze About’

Penny Vincenzi – (Review) A Perfect Heritage 



A J WainesCover Reveal: Lost in the Lake

A J Waines(Review) Lost in the Lake

Lois Walden – (Review) Afterworld 

Wendy Walker – (Review) All is Not Forgotten

Sarah Ward – (Review) In Bitter Chill

Sarah Ward(Review) A Deadly Thaw

Ruth Ware – (Review) In a Dark Dark Wood 

Ruth Ware – (Review)The Woman in Cabin 10

Carol WarhamGuest Post: ‘Resolutions’

Camilla Way(Review) Watching Edie

Tim Weaver – (Review) Never Coming Back

Heather Webb and Hazel Gaynor (Review)Last Christmas in Paris

Ann Weisgarber – (Review) The Promise

Malcolm D Welshman – (Review) Pets Aplenty

Malcolm D Welshman Guest Post (Pets Aplenty)

Matt WesolowskiGuest Post: ‘The Terror’ (Six Stories)

Alys West Guest Post (Beltane)

Juliet West – (Review) Before the Fall

Neil WhiteGuest Post: Locations (From the Shadows)

Lucie Whitehouse Before We Met

Polly Williams – (Review) Husband, Missing

T A Williams What Happens at Christmas (Excerpt)

T A WilliamsGuest Post: ‘The Highs and Lows of Being a Writer’ (Dreaming of Florence)

Patricia WilsonGuest Post ‘My Writing Day’ (Island of Secrets)

Tom Winter – (Review) Arms Wide Open 

Isabel Wolff(Review) Ghostwritten

Mary WoodQ&A (Brighter Days Ahead)

Michael Wood Guest Post: ‘For Reasons Unknown – Setting’

Michael Wood – (Review) Outside Looking In 

The Write Romantics (Review) Winter Tales: Stories to Warm Your Heart, an Anthology





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