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It’s not wise to murder the family of a budding assassin. Created by Auschwitz, her skill is honed by revenge.

A very different type of serial killer is loose in 1950s Europe. In Britain, a Brotherhood of powerful men takes notice and enhances the expertise and artistry of a killer.

DCI John Owen was born to serve. Recruited by MI6, he tracks an accomplished executioner whose love of luxury and the arts is second only to the love of watching an early death come to those who truly deserve it.

Join the chase. Then ask yourself…

Can there ever be only one winner?

Publisher: Question Mark Press
Format: Ebook and Paperback (15 April 2021)
Page Count: 215

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The overcrowded slums that were built around 1864 in Paris were a maze of blind alleyways, passageways and workshops in unsanitary conditions. Children played in a site near the Renault car manufacturer west of central Paris, and Amalie found herself running through the streets at night to avoid large crowds of Parisians wallowing in misery. After the war, Paris’s industry was ruined. Housing had been in short supply, and the city underwent major reconstruction with additional highways, skyscrapers, and thousands of new apartment blocks.

Another tenant two doors down had spotted Amalie and knocked on her apartment door.

‘Hello?’ she answered.

‘Bonjour,’ he said in a French accent. ‘I noticed you’re new around here? My name is Paul Miller.

‘That doesn’t sound very French.’

Miller was an assistant photographer on a three-month tour around Europe where he took photographs of celebrities including Christian Dior and Pablo Picasso. He was currently stationed in Paris and using his military pay to purchase equipment. Amalie found him amusing in that he used disguises to allow him to move through the streets without drawing attention from the locals. The Parisians knew all too well where ex-military men were headed – the pleasure houses. Amalie laughed at his jokes and his hunt for something worth capturing on his 35mm, “I knew when I took a good one,” he would say, “for my body tingled and goose bumps popped up”. Amalie could relate to that.


She’s just a storyteller!

E.J. Wood is a thriller writer from England. Although British born, she now resides in Spain, speaks English, and Spanish, and is currently learning German.



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