Review Policy

As much as I would love to, I simply don’t have time to read every book that I am asked to review and unfortunately there are occasions when your review request may be declined. If I have already reviewed one of your books on my blog then a ‘yes’ to your request is more likely to be given (as I don’t review books here that I haven’t enjoyed!).  Due to the volume of review requests currently being received, if you request a review and don’t hear back from me within one week then I’m sorry but you can assume that I am unable to review. 

Please do not send me a PDF/mobi file unless I have agreed to review your book. 

I’ve been adding my reviews to various online sites for some years now, for example Goodreads and Amazon (I’m a member of the Amazon Vine Review Programme). I also submit reviews to Waterstones’ online site and Netgalley. In 2013 I  became a member of the Lovereading review panel.  In 2014 I became a member of the reader panel for the Romantic Novelists’ Association.

My reading tastes are quite varied and the genres that I enjoy reading are:

  • crime (although I’m not quite so keen on some ‘Scandi-crime’)
  • mystery, thriller and psychological suspense
  • women’s contemporary fiction/popular fiction
  • historical fiction – my preference is for post 1700’s and I do love timeslip novels.   (I don’t generally read books about ancient history/battles/Historic Kings & Queens).

I do not read or review science-fiction, erotica, fantasy/paranormal, zombies, vampires, or horror stories.

I’m not a professional reviewer, just a lover of reading.  I do have a full time job so my reading time is limited.  I will do my best to meet a publication deadline with enough notice but unfortunately I can’t promise that this will always be the case.  If I receive an unsolicited book and I am unable to review either because it is not my genre or for time reasons, I reserve the right to pass this to a book blogger friend for review.

Acceptance of a book does not guarantee a review.  Please be aware that I only post on my blog, reviews of books that I have enjoyed and would recommend – I don’t post negative reviews nor do I review books that I have been unable to finish.

If you are looking to request a review then please check the genres above before contacting me.   I do check my emails regularly however some go into my spam folder and I don’t always spot them for a while.

Please be assured that I never sell any proof copies or books received for reviewing, although I may pass them to like minded book friends who I know would enjoy them and who may also review them.

All my reviews are my own opinions and I do not ask for payment for any review. (A note to authors – you should NEVER have to pay a bookblogger for a review – there are a few that may ask you for a review fee but my advice would be to find someone else – most bookbloggers review for FREE for the #booklove).

I regret that I can only accept e-books that are Kindle compatible (i.e. Mobi format). I do of course still love to read paper books as well!

I am more than happy for authors/publishers to use a quote from my review for their book/website etc. as long as you credit ‘My Reading Corner’ but would just appreciate notification if you do this (mainly so that I can squeal with excitement when any of my reviews are quoted and/or hunt down a copy of the book!).

Finally, although my reviews may contain links to Amazon, this is purely for ease of reference. I have no affiliation with, and receive no payment from Amazon, or any other company whose links I may include.

I am happy to take part in blog tours, host author guest posts, Q&As and giveaways.

Contact details:  Please use the Contact form button above

Name: Karen

Twitter: @karendennise

Thank you for your interest.