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Published by Pan McMillan

Approx page count: 496

On a Beautiful Day by Lucy Diamond is to be published by Pan in ebook, hardback and paperback on 11 January 2018. I’m thrilled to be starting off the publisher blog tour with a guest post from Lucy and my thanks to Katie James for inviting me to take part. I love Lucy’s writing and I’m sad that I couldn’t fit this book into my reading schedule for a review but I will be buying a copy to hopefully review later.


by Lucy Diamond

I used to really hate the new year, for the same reasons that I hated Boxing Day as a kid: it felt like such an anti-climax after the fun and sparkle of Christmas. January is a long month; it’s cold, it seems to be dark most of the time, you spent all your money in December and everyone around you is on killjoy diets and taking up punishing exercise regimes. Who wants to be nibbling salad leaves and trying to get fit when it’s blowing a sleety gale outside? I’d rather have that last mince pie and a glass of red wine, thanks.

So what changed my mind about January? I think it was when I stopped making horrible resolutions denying myself chocolate and alcohol and laziness, and instead began compiling hopeful, fun-sounding lists, detailing all the great things I wanted to achieve in the new year. Catch up with old friends in far-flung places! Go on a lovely holiday somewhere hot! Try out that new restaurant with my husband! Read loads of fabulous new books, go to the cinema, see that rave-review art exhibition! Write the best book I possibly can! Just thinking about the wonderful life I could build for myself in the coming year always makes me feel more optimistic. There’s a whole twelve months ahead – so much potential and opportunity. Am I going to make January miserable by dieting and joining a gym? Not likely.

I’m writing this as Storm Eleanor batters herself against the window – it’s windy and freezing cold outside and there’s only an hour or so of sunlight left, despite it being mid-afternoon. But before long, the snowdrops will be coming out, pure white amidst the gloom, and then the daffodils will be pushing up through the ground, and fresh green leaves will unfold on the trees like spring bunting. January might be long and dark, but it doesn’t last for ever. In the meantime, the bad weather is the perfect excuse to curl up in front of a good film – or with a new book, obviously! – as well as a mug of hot chocolate and the last of the Christmas shortbread. Who’s with me?


|   About the Book   |


Treasure every moment. Life can change in a heartbeat.

What the fans say: ‘Wonderful characters and the stories are always great, with twists and turns’ Gemma

It’s a beautiful day in Manchester and four friends are meeting for a birthday lunch. But then they witness a shocking accident just metres away which acts as a catalyst for each of them.

For Laura, it’s a wake-up call to heed the ticking of her biological clock. Sensible Jo finds herself throwing caution to the wind in a new relationship. Eve, who has been trying to ignore the worrying lump in her breast, feels helpless and out of control. And happy-go-lucky India is drawn to one of the victims of the accident, causing long-buried secrets to rise to the surface.

This is a novel about the startling and unexpected turns life can take. It’s about luck – good and bad – and about finding bravery and resilience when your world is in turmoil. Above all, it’s about friendship, togetherness and hope.



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Born in Nottingham, Lucy Diamond has lived in Leeds, London, Oxford and Brighton, but now lives in beautiful Bath. She is married with three children.


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