Guilt by Amanda Robson | Blog Tour Extract

Published by Avon

Available in ebook and paperback : 19 April 2018

416 pages

Welcome to my turn on the publisher blog tour for Guilt. My thanks to Sabah of Avon for the invitation.  I reviewed Amanda’s first book Obsession here on the blog but sadly haven’t had time to read this in time for the tour. Instead I have an extract to share.


|   About the Book   |


Your sister. Her secret. The betrayal.

There is no bond greater than blood . . .

When the body of a woman is found stabbed to death, the blame falls to her twin sister. But who killed who? And which one is now the woman behind bars?

Zara and Miranda have always supported each other. But then Zara meets Seb, and everything changes. Handsome, charismatic and dangerous, Seb threatens to tear the sisters’ lives apart – but is he really the one to blame? Or are deeper resentments simmering beneath the surface that the sisters must face up to?

As the sisters’ relationship is stretched to the brink, a traumatic incident in Seb’s past begins to rear its head and soon all three are locked in a psychological battle that will leave someone dead. The question is, who?

Claustrophobic and compelling, Amanda Robson is back in a knock-out thriller perfect for fans of B.A. Paris and Paula Hawkins.




The following Saturday, despite my reticence, I find myself walking along with you towards Sebastian’s parents’ house. When we arrive, I lift the large stone hidden beneath the choisya bush by the front gate to retrieve the spare keys. As we walk to the front door I feel them jangling in my pocket, making me feel guilty.

We pad up the driveway, past the immaculately ironed front lawn. Past the rest of the carefully designed shrub border. I ring the bell. Footsteps in the hallway. Someone is opening the door. I can’t bear this. I wish I was invisible. I am so tense. I close my eyes and open them again. Sebastian is standing in front of us. He looks unkempt. He hasn’t shaved. His hair needs washing. He has dark circles beneath his eyes from lack of sleep.

‘Oh my God, Zara, Miranda, what are you both doing here?’ he asks.

‘We could ask you the same thing,’ I reply.

‘I’ll leave you two to talk,’ you say.

I hear your footsteps crunch across the stones of the driveway as you step away. Miranda, I am so glad you are going. I want to sort this out in my own way. Sebastian and I stand looking at each other. I am not sure which of us is more surprised. He isn’t smiling, but he doesn’t look angry. My stomach is churning. My heart is racing.

‘Come in. Let’s talk about this,’ he says softly.

Perhaps his parents are here. Perhaps I will meet them now. But as soon as I step inside I feel only silence, and I know they are not here.

‘Why didn’t you go to the Lake District? Where are your family?’

‘Come into the sitting room, and I’ll explain.


At the time of this post, Guilt can be downloaded from Amazon UK for 99p



|   Author Bio   |

After graduating, Amanda Robson worked in medical research at The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and at the Poisons Unit at Guy’s Hospital where she became a co-author of a book on cyanide poisoning – a subject which has set her in good stead for writing her dark and twisting novel about love affairs gone wrong. Amanda attended the Faber novel writing course and writes full-time. Obsession is her debut novel.


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