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Queen Bee cover

Publisher: Michael Joseph/Penguin
Available in Ebook, Audio and Paperback (9 July 2020)
400 pages


Welcome to The Close – a beautiful street of mansions, where gorgeous Stella is the indisputable Queen Bee . . .

It is here that Laura, seeking peace and privacy after her marriage falls apart, rents a tiny studio. Unfortunately, her arrival upsets suspicious Stella – who fears Laura has designs on her fiancé, Al.

When Laura stumbles on the big secret Al is hiding, suddenly Stella’s perfectly controlled world, and Laura’s future, are threatened.

Taking a chance on beating Al at his own twisted game, these two former strangers are fast becoming friends.

But has Laura forgotten that revenge always comes with a sting in the tail?

My thanks to Gaby of Penguin for the tour invitation and for providing the extract. This is one that I would have liked to have reviewed but I just couldn’t fit in for the tour so I hope you enjoy this extract.



Am I really going to do this?

Angie gives me an almost imperceptible nod. I pull open the drawer. At first glance, it’s  crammed full of what look like official documents. Contracts and letters.

‘It’s just more paperwork,’ I say. ‘Probably stuff about the business that’s confidential.’

‘Anything else?’ she asks, disappointed.

I scrabble to the bottom of the pile. There’s something underneath. A metal box, like one of those ones people use to put petty cash in. Red. About thirty centimetres wide. ‘Where’s that other key?’ I say, and even to my own ears my voice sounds wobbly. ‘You really won’t tell anyone about this, will you, Ange? Anyone?’

‘Of course I won’t,’ she says, going for the top-right-hand drawer again. ‘It’d make me look as bad as you.’

It takes her a moment to locate the tiny key. I know just from looking at the lock that it’s going to fit, and it does. I open the box before I can change my mind.

There’s not much in there. Disappointingly little, in fact. I glance out at the main office again, and then I tip the contents out on to the floor. There are a couple of envelopes, a receipt from Cartier, a small box containing a tacky gold sovereign ring, large enough to fit a man’s finger. I open the first envelope. A card. A print of a garish painting of Paris. Inside, in curly, cursive handwriting, a note.

Thank you for the best 2 days ever. Love u. F xx

There are crudely drawn hearts covering the bottom half of the card.

‘Whoever she is, she’s young,’ I say.

‘Does the pope shit in the woods?’ Angie says, reaching for the second envelope. ‘F. Have you come across any Fs? Any Fionas or Fays hanging round your way?’

I shake my head. I snap a quick photo of the message on my phone. Angie has pulled another card from the second envelope. A photo of a kitten sitting in a large coffee cup.

She goes to open it.

There’s a shout. A man’s voice. ‘Ange! Angie!’ The pair of us freeze.


Jane Fallon is the multi-award-winning television producer behind shows such as This Life, Teachers and 20 Things to Do before You’re 30. Her debut novel “Getting Rid of Matthew’ was published in 2007 and became a Sunday Times Top Ten Bestseller as have her subsequent books ‘Got You Back’, ‘Foursome’, ‘The Ugly Sister’, ‘Skeletons’, ‘Strictly Between Us’,’My Sweet Revenge’, ‘Faking Friends’ and ‘Tell Me a Secret’

Her 10th novel Queen Bee is available now to pre order in both paperback and for Kindle.

Join Jane on Twitter – @janefallon or Instagram – @janefallon2

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