My Year of Books – 2023

I no longer post a favourite books of the year list so this is my version of a yearly reading round up. I’m mindful that for some authors it can be disappointing to see list after list that your book doesn’t appear in not to mention the difficulty of compiling a manageable list when there so are so many excellent reads all vying for a place. I *might* have my favourites but that’s between me and my spreadsheet 😉 So, taken from my Goodreads Challenge, this is my list of all the books I’ve read – and listened to (there are a few audio books here too) and enjoyed over this year. These are all books that I’ve finished (I don’t include those that are abandoned along the way, sadly it happens) and all these are 4 or 5* (with the occasional 3*).

Health issues last year scuppered my reading for a while so this year I set my Goodreads Challenge at what I thought was manageable, however I did get over the line in plenty of time with a few to spare. I’ve done the GR one each year since 2011 and like keeping track; more importantly I enjoy the books I’ve read – and I also get a nifty picture list to share 🤓

I’d like to thank everyone who invites me to read and review their books, I read what I can, can’t always review straightaway but I do appreciate being asked and will do my best. Thanks also to the lovely supportive folk who read/share my blog posts. My blog was 10 years old this summer and I know I’m not alone in having the blogger wobbles sometimes and feeling the need to take time out. I have to keep reminding myself that this is a hobby and not a job. I’ve been making more use of my local library this year and still get excited when a long awaited reservation is ready for collection.

Happy New Year everyone – I wish you all the very best for 2024 and may your heaving 📚 mountains always be a source of enjoyment.


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