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Published by Avon

ebook & paperback: 21 September 2017

464 pages

The Angel is book number 3 in the Miles & Grey detective series.  I’ve read and very much enjoyed book 1 (The Teacher) and book 2, (The Secret). I haven’t had time to read this one yet but I do love the working partnership between Imogen Grey and Adrian Miles and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in!

For my turn on the blog tour, I have an extract to share.


Extract Twenty-Five from Chapter Ten, pp 82-83

Adrian’s phone beeped in his pocket, it was a text from Tom. Adrian had made Tom promise to check in every morning since the menacing visit a couple of months ago from Tom’s stepfather, Dominic. He asked Tom to come and live with him on a weekly basis but Tom insisted he needed to stay home and look after his mother, Adrian’s ex Andrea. The text was a timely reminder for Adrian to check in with Gary for progress on their own little investigation into Dominic. He replied to Tom and then sent Gary a message before putting his phone away.

As he reached his front door, Adrian felt in his pocket and realised he didn’t have his house keys. Again. Brilliant. He walked around to the side of the house and down the alley that the terraces backed onto. He hoped to God he had left his back door open; the lock was dodgy and sometimes he left it open because he was prone to forgetting his keys. He slung the carrier bag with the bread and milk over the wall, hoping the milk had made it intact; it usually did. He scaled the brick wall that backed onto his property, noticing that it was much harder to do than the last time he’d tried it. Clearly, he was out of shape.

‘Breaking and entering?’

He turned his head to look behind him back into the alley and saw Lucy Hannigan with her phone pointed at him, taking a photograph as he straddled the wall.

‘I forgot my key.’ He swung his leg over the side and she disappeared from view.

The back door to his house was open; he walked in and through to the front door. He could see the outline of Lucy in the glass just as the doorbell rang.

‘Fancy seeing you here.’ He smiled and opened the door.

‘I’m not staying.’ She stood steadfast in the doorway, hands in her jacket pockets.

He shrugged. ‘Fair enough. How did you get my address?’ Had he brought her back here last time? His brain hurt every time he tried to remember their previous encounter.

She pointed at her chest. ‘Investigative journalist – remember?’


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When a burned body is found in a disused signal box, suspicion falls on lonely teenager Gabriel Webb. There’s no doubt he was at the scene of the crime, but does he really deserve what awaits him in prison?

DS Imogen Grey is certain there’s more to the case than meets the eye. But while she struggles to convince those around her of the truth, her partner DS Adrian Miles is distracted by his own demons.

When a brutal double murder is reported, their investigation is stopped in its tracks. Is the body in the box even who they thought it was? The duo realise Gabriel might have been locked up for a crime he didn’t commit. But with enemies watching Gabriel’s every move, they may be too late.

Miles and Grey are back in the thrilling new novel from bestselling author Katerina Diamond, perfect for fans of Karin Slaughter and M.J. Arlidge.



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Katerina is the author of the Sunday Times Best Selling crime thriller ‘The Teacher’, and number 1 kindle best selling novel ‘The Secret’. Katerina is currently working on her Third novel in the series.

Katerina currently lives in East Kent. Katerina was born in Weston-super-Mare and has lived in various places since including Greece, Cyprus, Derby, East London and Exeter. Katerina loves stories and is currently working on her third novel.



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