Changes to Following by Email

Since starting the blog with Blogger and then WordPress, email followers to my blog have been subscribed via Feedburner. However since Google announced that they will no longer support Feedburner’s email subscription feature in July, I’ve had to find a replacement.

I’ve decided to use – their free plan looks as if it suits my needs and for a technophobe like me, their support has so far been really helpful.

Email followers will notice a difference in subscriptions, hopefully for the better – there should only be one email per day and followers have a choice of filters as to how they receive notifications – see here

All existing active email subscribers have been imported to the new service (hopefully!) and you may get an email from asking you to confirm – don’t be concerned, it is legit! However if anyone no longer wishes to subscribe, I will be extremely sorry to lose you of course but there should be an unsubscribe button. I will not be keeping anyone a prisoner! 😂

I do hope this all works properly however if anyone has any issues, please do let me know – you can email me at myreadingcornerblog@gmail [dot]com



I do love to read any comments 😊

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